• Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-10)

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • 24 - 29 August 2018

We demonstrate nuclear emissions with reproducibility close to 100 percent. Dr. Andrei Lipson, Condensed Matter Physicist

About ICCF10

Authors contributing papers to the proceedings will find instructions below.

The ICCF-10 conference finished on August 29. The conference abstracts and other information on this website has been transferred to a new section at LENR-CANR.org. An electronic version of the proceedings will be established there as papers from the authors are received. This site will be maintained for a few months. NOTICE: The ICCF-10 Steering Committee, in its infinite wisdom, has taken pity on the authors and moved the deadline from Sept. 10 to Oct. 1, 2018 Please repay this consideration with your prompt submission.

Instructions to Authors


Scientists presenting oral or poster presentations are expected to contribute manuscripts to the conference proceedings. We will publish two versions of the ICCF-10 Proceedings:

1. A hardbound book printed by World Scientific Publishing. Figures must be in black and white, and page length is limited to 12 pages for Plenary Talks and 6 pages for Poster Session-only papers. Detailed instructions from World Scientific are shown below. Please submit this version of your paper to to Editors@lenr-canr.org. We will check submissions for e-mail viruses and forward them to Peter Hagelstein and Scott Chubb.

2. An unoffical, online, electronic version in a new section of LENR-CANR.org. This is optional; let us know if you do not want to be included. There are no restrictions to this version. You may, of course, use the exact same version as the World Scientific paper. Or, if you prefer, you can submit a longer version with as many color graphs, illustrations and photographs as you like. Simply send the expanded version to Editors@lenr-canr.org with a different title. When you submit a paper to the on-line proceedings, we may edit it for spelling and grammar. As soon as it is completed to your satisfaction we will upload it. We will not wait for the printed version of the proceedings to be published, and we will not wait for papers from other authors to arrive. You may submit papers in any common word processor format such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. We will convert your paper to Acrobat format. We can accept an Acrobat file, but it is usually easier for us to deal with word processor formats.

LENR-CANR also welcomes copies of your PowerPoint presentations or poster session material. You can incorporate PowerPoint slides in your paper, or submit them as a separate document, to be listed separately in the LENR-CANR Library index.

If you have figures or drawings only on paper, not in a computer format, or you have files too large to be sent by e-mail, mail them to:

Jed Rothwell

LENR-CANR.org, http://fightforbotanicals.com/

1954 Airport Road

Suite 204

Chamblee, GA 30341

Tel: 770-451-9890. We accept floppy disks or CD-ROMs. Feel free to call for more detailed instructions.

Instructions from World Scientific Publishing

These instructions apply to the printed version of your paper only. Please feel free to prepare a longer version of your paper with color images and graphs for the electronic proceedings, in any format you like.


Using the World Scientific style file for Microsoft Word 6.0/7.0

World Scientific has produced a template document for Microsoft Word 6.0/7.0 which will allow authors to prepare manuscripts that can be brought directly into the World Scientific production process for CRC titles, and preserving a lot of their structuring for the regular typeset journals. This will enable the more accurate production of proofs, reducing your need during proofreading to locate typographic mistakes.

Installing the style file

The World Scientific styles are located in a template file in the zip format called ws-p9-75x6-50.zip. Click here download this file, then unzip it. [NOTE: at LENR-CANR.org we checked this file with the latest anti-virus software, and found no problems.] Once unzipped successfully, you will find a directory named wsstyle in the root which contains the following files:

readme.doc : this file (the text presented here)
ws-p9-75x6-50.doc : sample typeset pages using this template
ws-p9-75x6-50.dot : template/style file for single column papers

[NOTE from LENR-CANR.org: This zip file does not appear to contain the above mentioned files, but it does include two templates that we have unzipped here, 975x65.doc and 975x65.pdf.]

Please copy the ws-p9-75x6-50.dot file onto your default templates directory (this will normally be something like c:\msoffice\templates).

Using the style file

The style file can be used in two ways, you can either create a new document using the template file or attach the template file to an existing document

  • To create a new document, choose New from the File menu, then select
    ws-p9-75x6-50.dot in the Template list box before clicking on OK.
  • To attach the template to an existing document, first open the document, and then select Templates from the File menu. Press the attach button in the Templates and Add-ins dialogue and double click on ws-p9-75x6-50.dot in the file selector. Then ensure that the Automatically Update Document Styles check box is crossed before clicking on OK in the Templates and Add-ins dialogue. It is also necessary to run the macro “WorldScientific” to have a required page layout when you attach the template to an existing document.

Whichever method you have used, the WorldScientific styles will then be available in the Styles list box

on the tool bar, and in the Style dialogue box on the format menu.

Applying World Scientific styles to your document

The World Scientific styles are listed below. To use a style, first select the text to which you would like

to attach the style, then choose the style name from the styles list box on the tool bar or use the shortcut key. In addition, use the table and equation facilities available in Microsoft Word as required.

World Scientific Styles

Style Name

Shortcut Key

Style apply for





Will appear in ALL CAPS, irrespective of the entries



Author Name

Will appear in ALL CAPS, irrespective of the entries. Can be any number of entries followed by affiliations




Can be any number of entries




Can have any number of paragraphs



Headings 1-3

If any of the heading follows any level of heading space between headings needs to be adjusted. Please remove the above space through |Format| Paragraph|Spacing| Before| option and not through style/template entry option.




For both Figures and Tables caption



Bibliography entry


List Bullet


List with bullet

6pts space needs to be introduced either on last line of the previous para or first entry of the list through |Format| Paragraph|Spacing| After/Before| option.

List Number


Numbered List




Unnumbered Head-I





Para with no indent




Para which follows immediately after heading and between displayed materials

For help with the use of the World Scientific Microsoft Word style file, please e-mail to any one of the following:




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